Prince of Persija and His Desolate Expression

In Indonesian football, Bambang Pamungkas a.k.a Bepe is a living legend, especially for Persija Jakarta and Jakmania. Bepe is a hero, captain, and prince for the club and their supporters. Prince of Persija.

Between Bepe, Persija and Jakmania not just professional football relation. There is love that covered their relation.

Because conflict, who presumed because wages are not paid off, Bepe out of Persija. Bambang then join Pelita Bandung Raya (PBR) at the beginning of Indonesia Super League season 2014.

The match bertween PBR versus Persija finally came at Jalak Harupat Stadium Bandung, on Sunday (17/02/2014). The first match for Bepe to againts the club who loved very much.

Profesionalism shown by striker who gives league tittle for Persija in 2001 season on this match. Even made a brace, he didn’t celebarate it. Tears stream from his face. Bepe hurt his love.

This essay told about professionalism, relationship, and for sure, football is not just a sport. This piece published on About the Game Detik Sports.