Indonesian Football Philosophy: Politic Football

In the preface of book ‘Sepak Bola Indonesia-Wiel Koerver’, Kadir Jusuf wrote his confusion about Indonesian Football Philosophy. Netherland have Total Football, Spain with their Tiki-Taka, Kick and Rush for England, and so on. But Indonesia?

With this short story, I try to give an answer for Kadir and people who ask about it. For me, with a row of history of Indonesian politics, which always make a football as an tools to get votes of the election, Indonesian football philosophy is Politic Football.

From PKI (Indonesian Communist Party) on first election 1955 until 2014 election, football is always used to get voter. I thought, in Indonesia, football not only played, it also be played.

This piece of mine, and it published on About the Game Detik Sports on 10 July 2014. The day after legislative election.